Stacey & Daneen

Food, drink and music…..these are the things that we love. When we moved from the vast, open skies of the Prairies in 2008, we had no idea we would immerse ourselves so deeply in our passions. She is the foodie…all things pure and whole and nourishing and he is the music fanatic of the vinyl kind. We’ve always enjoyed food, wine and music and had many memorable occasions when all of those items mixed wonderfully together. It wasn’t until we moved to the beautiful and plentiful Okanagan Valley that we realized just how much these necessities flow so freely together.

Where we live, there are vineyards, orchards and gardens within a stone’s throw of our front door. The music scene is vibrant and lively and growing. We have discovered that when you take all that is at your fingertips and stir it up, the mixture is intoxicating.
We will share what we are eating, drinking and listening to and we hope you enjoy what we have to talk about. We will introduce you to as many new discoveries as we can and we will also remind you of the old and familiar as well. All the while, we know we’ll be having fun…