The year of new discoveries….and my new favourite record “store”

by groove on February 18, 2014

Pop Up Shop

So far, the year 2014 has been very active for The Groove Garden. We have spent a collective 6 hours (and counting….) in the pop-up record store in downtown Kelowna and have still only somewhat scratched the surface of what is hiding in those piles of records. The best part of this hunt has been the fellow who has worked very hard putting some sort of order to the chaos. While sorting and categorizing, he has been putting several records aside for us to have first dibs on. We have chosen to highlight two of the most unlikely sets of artists that we would have expected to buy…..Flatt & Scruggs and Hank Williams Sr.

Lester Flatt

While our tastes are vast, we usually stockpile records from the classic rock/new wave era that we grew up in and we have also centred much attention to jazz and easy listening as well. Of the approx 300 records we have brought home so far from these massive digs, the two artists today are somewhat one-off’s. Not that we don’t appreciate the bluegrass masters that are Flatt & Scruggs nor do we have anything against Hank Sr. It’s just that we don’t gravitate toward country and western and bluegrass when we are building the collection and inventory of The Groove Garden.

Hank Williams

The funny thing is, when seriously looking at the collection as a whole….it has quite an abundance of country and western and a fair shake of bluegrass! You see, we have acquired several collections in the past few years and many of the those collections have included classic country by default. So, the shelves have plenty of Kenny Rogers, Marty Robbins, Hank Jr, Buck Owens, Ray Price, Charlie Rich and Charlie Pride. The fact is, we kind of like old country. There, I said it. The influence of growing up in a house that was filled with country music has burned into my psyche and I have unknowingly been building a collection of all of the aforementioned country legends and a good amount of Johnny, Willie and Waylon, too.

The other reason for actively seeking Flatt & Scruggs and the Hank Sr.? We know what our “customers” like and we have already been sharing the love with many country vinyl fans out there in the world. In fact, a handful of Flatt & Scruggs has recently left the shelves to go to Grimsby, Ontario. Some Hank Sr has been mailed to Europe and I reckon the rest will be flying out sometime in the near future to somebody in some corner of the globe who has caught this unshakeable bug of vinyl collecting.

So, it will be back to the record shop for more hunting and gathering. Part of what I like to do is buy what I think others will want. If it happens to spend some time in my house, well that’s okay, too.

Time will soon run out on my new store as it sounds like they want to clear out the rest of the records by end of March. Seems there is around 15,000 records left. I think I will need to get another shelf or two!

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