Part 1 of a (?) Part Series: Giants of Jazz and BOTM Record Club

by groove on October 4, 2013

Sarah Vaughan

This summer was eventful for The Groove Garden; we travelled to Vancouver to see rock gods RUSH and shortly after travelled to Regina for a long-overdue visit with family and friends. Of course, Mr Groove took the opportunity to load up on records. The most successful “pick” was in the basement of a childhood friend’s house back in Walsh Acres. Mr. Fox (Pamela Fox’s father) heard that I was coming to town and he coincidentally had been considering clearing out his beloved record collection and that of a family member. Prior to the trip out east (funny to say that – when going anywhere from the Okanagan, we are typically travelling east), Mr. Fox provided a spreadsheet of the entire collection and I was able to pick and choose exactly what I wanted to buy. So much easier than just showing up and going through everything one-by-one (thank you Alan for being as organized as I am with spreadsheeting), we were able to get straight to the collection of interest. Not to say the rest of the records were not interesting, I only had so much room and Mrs. Groove was watching my spending quite closely. Maybe next trip? We’ll see. (cue scene from Jaws – “We’re going to need a bigger boat”)

Jazz Boxset

What I was most interested in was jazz and Alan was able to offer one of the most complete collections of the genre with 18 Time-Life Giants Of Jazz box sets and 5 Book Of The Month record club box sets. We finally got the boxes home yesterday (“We’re going to need a bigger boat!!“) as we didn’t have room to bring the records back with us in August. Needless to say, we’ve been itching to get these in The Groove Garden’s shelves for nearly 2 months. Thanks to my bro-in-law who had room in his van at the time in August, I was able to intercept them in Merritt while he was on his way to Victoria on Saturday.

Jazz Boxset

The box sets include a thorough booklet about each artist and the records contain the artist’s essential works. The greatest of the swing and big band era are represented here: Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, Billie Holiday, Satchmo, Stan Getz, Art Tatum, Benny Goodman, Sarah Vaughan and Sidney Bechet to name a few. I have grown to truly appreciate the roots of music in the forms of 30’s and 40’s era jazz and this collection covers nearly every important session of the time. Truly a “pick” to end all “picks”. From Sunday to Sunday, this week has been a vinyl lover’s paradise.

Jazz Boxset

Last weekend, we attended the Peach City Radio vinyl fest and we found some fantastic albums both for the collection and for resale. We will have a separate post for those.

Wild Scallion

What capped off the day last Sunday was our lunch stop on the way from Penticton back to West Kelowna. We went to downtown Penticton to historic Front Street and decided to eat at the Wild Scallion and tried the salad rolls. Not only were they delicious, but they were not wallet-busting by any stretch. It is rare to find any restaurant in a downtown historic district where two can eat for under $10. Most impressive was the presentation of the rolls and the time to serve was very quick. The combination of the ingredients within the wrap was fantastic and did not require any sauce for dipping, however the peanut sauce was amazing. The restaurant is clean and fresh, simple decor with a focus on the food and nothing else. For a quick bite, this was the best meal we’ve had for the price paid. Their business card says  “fast, affordable, healthy food, catering”. Definitely fast, affordable and healthy and for anyone in the Penticton area looking for catering options for your next gathering – give them a call, you won’t be disappointed.

Salad rolls $4 (3pcs)
Seasoned rice, carrots, red cabbage, green cabbage, lettuce, green onion, shiitake mushroom accompanied with our signature peanut sauce

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