High School Reunion, 80s Music and of course food

by groove on August 12, 2013

45s from the 80s

The year was 1988 – near the start of summer, a group of young people in the north end of Regina graduated from Thom Collegiate. Some knew exactly what they wanted to be and have become very successful in achieving their goal, others had some idea but took different paths (and have become very successful) and yet others had no idea what they wanted to be (yours truly) and somehow made their way in the world with much success. The class of ’88 just celebrated their 25th anniversary/reunion and the 50 or so grads that managed to make the trip back to Regina last weekend had some wonderful stories to share and memories to cherish. From the medical professionals to the sales professionals to the religious professionals to the professional musicians….one common theme was evident; we’re all doing fine and we’re all pretty damn happy.

The soundtrack for the night was all 80’s and there was everything from hair metal to new wave playing in the background. Music has always been part of every aspect of life, whether it’s the muzak in the elevator or the perpetual tune when on hold on the phone or the quite sounds playing when walking through the department store. When people get together for any type of social activity, music is top priority (what playlist should I put together for this Friday when so-and-so is coming over for drinks?). For reunions, the playlist has to be from the era in which the group is common. For our night, it was 80’s.

At our graduation ceremony, the song for our class was Haywire “Thinkin’ About The Years”, the number 1 song in Canada on the radio was Rick Astley “Together Forever”, some huge songs of the year were G ‘n’ R “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, Poison “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”, Midnight Oil “Beds Are Burning”, Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock “It Takes Two”, Rod Stewart “Forever Young”, UB40 “Red Red Wine”, TPOH “She’s So Young”, U2 “Desire” and Van Halen “Finish What Ya Started” among many others. I know my tape deck in my car had Van Halen playing nearly 100% of the time.

When I started seriously collecting vinyl, I specifically searched for 80’s vinyl. Perhaps as a way of reliving my youth or just the familiarity of the time and era when music was so important and was the backdrop to many of my best memories of the decade. When I was in Regina, I was able to gather many more records for the collection and for the “shop”. The picture above shows just a tiny example of the type of music that I brought back home (to BC). Any time you’re interested in having a vinyl 80’s party, I know just the guy to supply the music 😉

We truly had a great time in our hometown. One of my favourite things to do is eat and as you’ll see from the pictures below we ate out a lot. I also may have eaten a lot of veggie burgers, well at least three. I just couldn’t help my self 🙂

Viet Thai Pumpkin Soup

We arrived in Regina in late afternoon and nobody felt like cooking so we ordered in Viet-Thai. My favourite dish is their pumpkin soup with tofu. It’s so creamy with huge chunks of veggies.

Mr. Groove Garden

Regina is starting to get a cool food truck scene and we just love food trucks. Let the veggie burgers begin. For lunch we stopped off at the Rock ‘a’ Grill. The food was good and excellent service. Doesn’t Mr. Groove Garden look happy carrying our lunch?

Rock 'a' Grill Veggie Burger

Rock ‘a’ Grill Veggie Burger

Birmingham's Vodka & Ale House

Well, this is the part it gets a wee bit embarrassing. I might of had two veggie burgers in one day. My girlfriends and I met up at Brimingham’s Vodka & Ale House for supper. Check out these fries. I love the thin cut and they were soaked in vodka before getting all crunchy and delicious.

13th Avenue Coffee House ceasar salad

After devouring two burgers in one day I figured I should eat something a little healther so the next day we met friends at 13th Avenue Coffee House and enjoyed their vegan ceasar salad topped with croutons and sunflower seeds. I highly recommend it. You wouldn’t know the dressing is vegan and check out the portion size – this was the small. It was huge!

Mercury Veggie Burger

A trip to Regina wouldn’t be the same without dinning at the Mercury Cafe and Grill. Yes, this was my last veggie burger I ate on the trip and it was worth it. Love all those pickles!


All in all we had a great trip and surprisingly I didn’t put on any weight :). We always love going to Regina to visit our friends and family and we always miss them when we leave. Truly the best part of the whole trip was taking our beautiful girl Furio. It had been 5 years since she was back in Regina and from the look on her face she loved it too.

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Sherry Lynn August 13, 2013 at 5:47 am

Yeah, but did you have a Houston pizza?!


Kim Barber Foss August 13, 2013 at 11:39 am

It was sooo great seeing you again!! I love reading your updates!


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