It’s Farmer’s Market Time Again! (Part 1)

by groove on May 30, 2013

First day at Peachland Market 2013

2013 market season kicks off in Peachland.

This week we would like to highlight what we offer at the local farmer’s market. Part 1 is everything vinyl.

At The Groove Garden, we strive to build a vast inventory of music to be made available for vinyl lovers around the world to enjoy. We have purchased small and large collections from people who are downsizing and spring cleaning and sometimes we receive records that are less than perfect for playing. In fact, some of the records we acquire are downright unplayable due to massive deep scratches or major scuffs that not only affect the sound quality of the album, but may also cause damage to the needle of the turntable.

Although vinyl is the music lover’s medium of choice, it is also the most vulnerable to wear and tear. It’s pretty hard to scratch a digital file. In some respects, the scratches and skips add character to a recording. Many vinyl owners know their vinyl from anyone else’s just by the hisses, pops and crackles – I am one of those owners. Sometimes, the damage is beyond acceptable and the only destiny for these records seems to be the landfill. Well……no more.

Dessert Tray

Our dessert tray. Imagine cupcakes dancing on each layer.

At The Groove Garden, we try to maintain the memory and spirit of every album we touch. In the cases of damaged vinyl, we use the labels of 33’s for coasters and the vinyl itself for jewelry and bookmarks. There is always some usage for the material, we just need to think outside the sleeve. The various sizes of vinyl (45, 78, 33 are 7″, 10″ and 12″ respectively) provide perfect sizes for a 3 tiered dessert tray. the size of a 45 is perfect to mold into a holder for the coasters we produce. The sleeves of the records have so many artful uses, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. One their own, sleeves are art. Some of the classic covers are perfect from framing; think Abbey Road, Bat Out Of Hell, Physical Graffiti, Are You Experienced? and so many others. You can buy frames ready to fit or you can commission a family member with a home workshop to make some frames from any material you can find like barn wood or metal. The possibilities are endless and only limited by imagination.

Most important, we upcycle/recylcle/reuse as much of the “bad” records as we can. Vinyl purists will hurl insults and hatred at us for doing what we do, but we must stress – the vinyl we use for our projects is unplayable! We love vinyl so much, we would never damage good material. We understand and respect the preservation of the piece of art.


A very small sampling of our coasters.

My coaster at work is a record that sat on my shelf unplayed (unplayable) and when I finally decided to make a coaster out of it, I was moved to tears when I saw the name written in nearly perfect penmanship…”Mary Agecoutay”. Every day, I place my coffee mug on that coaster…..but just before I do, I spin the label around so I can see my grandmother’s name. I admit it’s been a long time since I’ve thought about her, she passed away 15 years ago. Now, I see her name every day and my mind moves to a brief memory of times when I was a kid and helping her make coffee when everyone else was sleeping. We had cool chats, just the two of us. Lots of times, we talked about music.


Watch for our next post on all the Groove Garden’s food we sell at the farmer’s market.

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