I Just Bought A Turntable … Now What?

by groove on May 15, 2013


So, you’ve been to your local independent record shop and have brought home one of those cool retro-looking Crosley record players. You’ve spent around $25 picking up the new Mumford and Sons record and can’t wait to get it home and play it. Maybe you dropped $35 to buy the 10-year anniversary Record Store Day release of White Stripes “Elephant” on beautiful red, white and black vinyl and are stoked to hear it on your new system.  The cool clerk behind the counter sold you the new Kurt Vile and you’re dying to give it a spin. In one hand, you carry your new player, in the other hand, a thin bag of your new record or two. Then, reality sinks in … you will conceivably spend $500 in the coming year to bring your collection to around 20-25 quality pieces of music. Over the next several years, you will spend at least 5 times that figure to fill up a single milk crate. You will start to sneak purchases in the house while the significant other and the kids are fast asleep and your collecting buzz will continue to need to be fed. The thought of spending the kids’ college funds on your collection is enough to make your head spin, but you must build the collection and have a good stock of material to play the next time your cool friends come over. Sounds a bit stressful and daunting and dangerous? We think so, too.

Never fear, we may have a solution to keep your savings in check and your need for music satisfied. In any record collection, there are certain basic essential albums you should have in your collection. These are the albums you can confidently pull off the shelf and drop the needle and most of your company will tap their feet and smile. Think Cheap Trick “Live At Budokan” or Meat Loaf “Bat Out Of Hell” or David Bowie “Let’s Dance”. The Groove Garden has been amassing an inventory of vinyl that needs to be shared. So, while spending a fantastic evening listening to music on Friday night, the concept came to us … the Vinyl Starter Kit. The concept is simple – for a set $ amount, we will sift through our crates and pull together a pile of records that we feel will give you a good base from which to build the rest of your collection.

We want new vinyl collectors to have a head start on their library without breaking the bank. We will put together 20 records, chosen by us, to be enjoyed by you. Prices will depend on the commonality of the music selected. For example, a kit with Fleetwood Mac “Rumours”, Elton John’s Greatest Hits, Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, Trooper “Hot Shots”, Heart “Little Queen” and the like would be $100. Maybe you’re an old school vinyl lover and need to hear some Harry Belafonte “Calypso” or Dean Martin “Everybody Loves Somebody” or Elvis Presley “Blue Hawaii”. For a slightly deeper selection, the price will be higher. The coolest thing about it is that you will have a kick start to a respectable collection within a reasonable budget.

The questionnaire is short and to the point – answer the questions and we will have a very good understanding of what will be important to you. We might get a few picks perfect and we might introduce you to some music you never knew you loved.
If you or anyone you know may be interested in a Starter Kit, let us know and we’d be glad to get it put together.

Click this link to access our questionnaire. Download our PDF file, fill it out and email it back to us and we’ll get your Starter Kit put together and sent to you as soon as we can so you can start listening.


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