Record Store Day – April 2013

by groove on April 25, 2013

Record Store Day Tee

On April 20, 2013, the world celebrated Record Store Day… least the vinyl-loving world celebrated the day. It is a day to worship the world of the independent music store and revisit the past by picking up old vinyl and joining in the excitement of the resurgence of vinyl with brand new releases from today’s current big name and small name artists. As each year passes, the days leading to the “RSD” get more and more exciting as bands leak their exclusive releases and record stores announce all of the special activities planned for the day.

The White Stripes Elephant

This year seemed to be extraordinarily special due to the participation of Jack White as the ambassador for RSD 2013 (or #RSD13 for you Twitter fans). Jack is a true champion of music and was a shoe-in for the job. A peak into the White Stripes vinyl discography will reveal several LP’s and singles released on vinyl, during a time in which vinyl was shunned, pushed into the back bins of the CD shop. Now that vinyl has very comfortably reclaimed the front shelves of the music shop, old fans of the medium and new fans get to appreciate music in it’s most physical format.

The White Stripes Elephant Vinyl

Those of us fortunate enough to be in the right shop at the right time may have found a special release of The White Stripes “Elephant” on vinyl. Not just regular black vinyl. We’re talking two thick slabs of beautiful, 180-gram heavy weighted coloured vinyl. Not just any coloured vinyl – record 1 is black and red (approx 1/2 and 1/2) and record 2 is pure white. Jack White is known to mix his colours together for vinyl pressings (see future post for Blunderbuss) and this 10 year anniversary special edition is no exception. Simply put, it is a beautiful package.

“Elephant” is the fourth studio album from the band and, in my opinion, their most impressive and diverse with “Seven Nation Army”, “The Hardest Button To Button”, “Ball and Biscuit” and so many other great pieces of music. The themes of songs with word “Little” in the title, the appearance of the number 3 and the symbol III, the simple scheme of red/black/white, continued on this album. The artwork has a back story of being one of several slightly different versions used in various formats such as the CD release having a different cover from the vinyl release.

Needless to say, we are VERY HAPPY to have found this in our travels on April 20. It was only available in one of the three shops we visited and we didn’t hesitate at the price (gulp), knowing there would be reward in the search. Looking forward to the 3rd Saturday in April of 2014, we can only imagine what will be offered. If the momentum of vinyl continues at the pace it is currently gaining….there will be much money spent next year…..and the year after……and so on, and so on.

How do you end a hard day of driving from record store to record store? Our day started with a trip to Penticton then back home to unload records and then a drive into Kelowna to hit more record stores. With all the excitement and lots of driving we were definitely tired by the time we finally got home.


We kicked back and relaxed with this bottle of Greata Ranch Pinot Noir. Not too long ago we had tried a bottle and fell in love with the taste. So much so that we decided to buy a whole case. Not something we would usually do but we really enjoy the warming flavours of this delicious wine.

So go out and grab yourself a bottle, pour a glass and put some White Stripes on your turn table, sit back and enoy!

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