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by groove on April 17, 2013

Bee Pollen Smoothie

The other day  I made the big decision to purchase Bee Pollen. Why would I do this when I usually don’t buy animal related products? Well a few reasons. Mr. Groove Garden suffers from allergies and this time of year is really bad. Another reason is the teenager in the house is always striving for better skin and bee pollen is known for giving clear glowing skin. Actually, there are many valid reasons. So I did a bit of research and came across Dr. Mercola’s very informative web site. What I’ve done below is taken all the really cool benefits and summarized it for you. I hope you find it as interesting as I have.

Bee pollen is the food of the young bee and it is approximately 40% protein. It is considered one of nature’s most completely nourishing foods. It contains nearly all nutrients required by humans. About half of its protein is in the form of free amino acids that are ready to be sued directly by the body.

Gathering pollen is not as easy as it sounds. Once a honeybee arrives at a flower, she settles herself in and nimbly scrapes off the powdery loose pollen from the stamen with her jaws and front legs, moistening it with a dab of the honey she brought with her from the hive. The enlarged and broadened tarsal segments of her legs have a thick trimming of bristles, called pollen combs. The bee uses these combs to brush the gold powder from her coat and legs in mid-flight. With a skillful pressing movement of her auricle, which is used as a hammer, she pushes the gathered gold into her baskets. Her pollen baskets, surrounded by a fringe of long hairs, are simply concave areas located on the outside of her tibias. When the bee’s baskets are fully loaded, the microscopic golden dust has been tamped down into a single golden grain, or granule.

Complete Nutrition

Pollen is considered an energy and nutritive tonic in Chinese medicine. Cultures throughout the world use it in a surprising number of applications: for improving endurance and vitality, extending longevity, aiding recovery from chronic illness, adding weight during convalescence, reducing cravings and addictions, regulating the intestines, building new blood, preventing infectious diseases such as the cold and flue (it has antibiotic type properties), and helping overcome retardation and other developmental problems in children. It is thought to protect against radiation and to have anti-cancer qualities.

Bee-gathered pollens are rich in proteins, free amino acids, vitamins, including B-complex, and folic acid.

According to researchers at the Institute of Apiculture, Taranov, Russia, “Honeybee pollen is the richest source of vitamins found in Nature in a single food. Even if bee pollen had none of its other vital ingredients, its content of rutin alone would justify taking at least a teaspoon daily, if for no other reason than strengthening the capillaries. Pollen is extremely rich in rutin and may have the highest content of any source, plus it provides a high content of the nucleics RNA [ribonucleic acid] and DNA [deoxyribonucleic acid].”

Infertility Problems – Pollen stimulates ovarian function.

Bee Products Also Treats Allergies! – Pollen is also a remedy for hay fever and allergies. However it must be taken at least six weeks before the season begins and then continued throughout the season if it going to work.

Bee Products and Physical Activity – The British Sports Council recorded increases in strength of as high as 40 to 50 percent in those taking bee pollen regularly.

Bee Pollen and Weight Control – Bee pollen works wonders in a weight-control or weight-stabilization regimen by correcting a possible chemical imbalance in body metabolism that may be involved in either abnormal weight gain or loss. The normalizing and stabilizing effects of this perfect food from the bees are phenomenal.

Health and Beauty – Basic beauty begins with the glow of good health, which shines from within. A scrubbed and radiant complexion transforms any woman (or man) into a singularly attractive person. On the other hand, dull, muddy skin, often caused by poor nutrition or personal hygiene, can detract from even the most attractive. Studies have shown that unhealthy or aging skin can be dramatically improved by the consumption of honeybee pollen.

When bee pollen is included daily in the diet, it not only gives you the glow of health and aids in safe, permanent weight loss, but it can also be blended into seemingly “magic potions” to smooth, soothe, and rejuvenate every inch of the outside of your body. Several relatively inexpensive mixtures of hive products, used externally, can revitalize and rejuvenate the complexion and may even eliminate acne.

Plant Bee Bee Pollen

Here’s the Bee Pollen I bought from the health food store I work at. This local company from Vernon, BC is called Planet Bee check out their web site for more information.

How to Use Bee Pollen

If you are a beginner, introduce bee pollen into your diet slowly, a granule or two at a time. Don’t cook with the granules or add powdered granules to anything that requires heat. Heat destroys the active enzymes and reduces the nutrient value. Otherwise, the sky’s the limit.

Before taking a full dose of pollen it is very important to test for a possible extreme allergic reaction by ingesting just one pellet. Then gradually build up over a week or so to the correct dose.

The optimal dose of pollen varies with individual needs. For allergy prevention all that is required is about one teaspoon per day. You should gradually increase your dose to one tablespoon. It will give about five grams of protein which is a good addition if you already have some proteins in your meal, such as a legume dish.

Since your pollen is really a type of food and there are some fats in it. It is important to keep it refrigerated.

Couldn't Stand the Weather

Going along with the theme, two records in our collection come to mind when thinking about bees and bee pollen. First the Kingbees’ debut album and second, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble’s “Couldn’t Stand The Weather” with the song “Honey Bee”.

The King Bees

The Kingbees’ debut is a straight-ahead blue collar pop rock (I just made up a genre) effort with many similarities to bands like The Tubes, Squeeze, Greg Kihn, The Kings and the like. “My Mistake” was a radio hit that doesn’t get any airplay on classic rock stations, though it should. For collectors of cool album covers, this is a keeper. Here is some interesting bits of info about the band’s founder, from Wiki:

Jamie James is a guitarist, singer and songwriter, best known for his roles in DQ And The Sharks and Steppenwolf. He was also lead singer and founding member of RSO recording trio The Kingbees. The Kingbees recorded 2 albums on RSO. The first entitled The Kingbees, (released March, 1980) received much critical acclaim and regional success with the James-penned hit “My Mistake”.  In the late 80’s James hooked up with noted actor Harry Dean Stanton to form a unique musical ensemble which performed until the year 2000. In 2000 James went on to form the rock and roll band “DQ and The Sharks” featuring actor/musician Dennis Quaid.

Our second album to highlight from the collection comes from The Groove Garden’s “ultimate fantasy band member and co-lead guitarist (sharing the title with Jimi Hendrix), Stevie Ray Vaughan. We won’t talk much about Stevie today because he deserves his own dedicated spotilght. The album is a killer from front to back with not a single weak moment. It contains a little tune called “Honey Bee” – a wicked blues lick to open the song and highlights Stevie’s signature soloing and loose shuffle strumming. So, in keeping with the bee and pollen theme…

Couldn’t Stand the Weather is the second studio album by American blues rock band Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble. It was released on May 15, 1984 by Epic Records as the follow-up to the band’s critically and commercially successful 1983 album Texas Flood.  The album went to #31 on the Billboard 200 chart and the music video for “Couldn’t Stand the Weather” received regular rotation on MTV. In 1999, a reissue of the album was released, which contains an audio interview segment and studio outtakes. In 2010, the album was reissued again as the Legacy Edition, containing two CDs that includes a previously unreleased studio outtake and a concert at The Spectrum in Montreal from August 17, 1984. Pure Pleasure (Analog Productions)released a 2lp vinyl version bonus tracks. MusicOnVinyl label came out with a diffrent double lp vinyl version that contains alternate tracks that is different from previous releases.

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