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by groove on January 22, 2013

We at the Groove Garden are excited to announce a new feature of providing restaurant reviews. These reviews will be mostly of restaurants in the Okanagan area and when we travel. We have certain criteria and will be judging on atmosphere, surroundings, menu offerings, taste and quality of food and finally, service. Another criteria will be how veg friendly the dining establishment is.

A top quality restaurant could receive a 5-record rating and the lowest possible is 1-record. For us to do a quality review we will dine at the restaurant on three separate occasions and try to vary the time of day. And with each visit, we will try to sample different parts of the menu. Once the three visits are complete, we will report back to you with our experience and provide pictures of the food. That is, if I remember to take them before I eat šŸ™‚

We hope you enjoy our new feature and if you have any restaurants that you recommend please let us know and we’ll make sure to add it to our list.

Bamboo Chopsticks Exterior

Picture taken from Urban Spoon

3 Record Rating

207 – 3608 Carrington Road
Westbank, BC
(778) 754-5589

Serving Vietnamese and Asian cuisine. Very veg friendly and gluten-free.

Bamboo Chopsticks Interior

Picture taken from Urban Spoon

As you can see from the picture above, Bamboo Chopsticks offers a very clean, comfortable and modern dining experience. The restaurant itself isn’t very big and sits not much more than 50-60 people. I think they’ve done a great job of the design and layout making it inviting to diners.

The atmosphere is relaxing with quiet music playing in the background. The three times we’ve dined here the restaurant wasn’t too packed so the noise level wasn’t too loud but I imagine if they were to capacity, it would get quite noisy since there are no interior walls to block sound.

Their menu offerings are what you would expect with Asian cuisine. I, of course, focus mainly on the veg friendly dishes and was pleased to see many options. On our first visit I decided on the tofu soup pictured below.

Tofu Soup

First meal Tofu Soup with Rice Noodles – $9.95

Now, I have to say that the soup bowls are huge. This is by no means a complaint. And as you can see the soup was packed full of fried tofu, lots of veggies and noodles. I might have eaten half of what they served me and I enjoyed slurping down as much as I could. When I finally surrendered my spoon, the waitress was kind enough to pack it up for me to take home.

Lemgrass Tofu

Second meal Lemongrass Tofu – $9.95

On our second trip, I decided on the Lemongrass Tofu. I was pleasantly surprised by the light aromatic flavour of the lemongrass. It wasn’t over-powering and complimented the tofu and veggies beautifully. I also was happy with the amount of veggies in the dish. I’ve eaten lots of noodle bowls that come with very few veggies but this came with the perfect amount. Again, like the soup, the dish was served in a very large bowl that I could not finish.

Tofu Stir-Fry

Third meal Tofu Stir-fry with Rice Noodles – $10.50

And the last of the three meals was the tofu stir-fry. The portion of this meal was perfect. I actually cleaned my plate this time. I’m thinking I must have been pretty hungry. We did go on a Friday after work and I’m usually starving by the time my shift is over. Again, you can see there was lots of veggies and fried tofu and just the right amount of stir-fry sauce.

As you can see so far our Bamboo Chopsticks experience has been pretty good. The surroundings and atmosphere of the restaurant are very comfortable and clean. The menu and food offerings are excellent. But now we need to talk about the service. A big part of the restaurant experience is service. How the wait staff interact with their customers and their attention to detail. This is where this restaurant unfortunately fails.

On our first visit the waitress was rude and wouldn’t make eye contact. When we were served our meals Stacey asked for a fork because he’s not yet into eating with chopsticks, and the waitress never brought it. What I found interesting was when it was time to pay the bill our waitress all of a sudden became very chatty and made eye contact. I think that’s brutal.

On visit number two we had the same waitress and she was a bit better. She seemed to try harder to be nice and thankfully made eye-contact with us.

On our last visit we had a different waitress and she seemed to be very forgetful. Usually I always admire wait staff who can remember everyone’s menu order without writing anything down. I know I couldn’t do it. But it does make me a bit nervous until the food arrives. Well, our waitress on this visit didn’t write anything down and came back to our table three times to ask what we ordered. Now remember, there was just the two of us eating. She even tried to repeat back to us what we had said and totally screwed it up and not just a little. I asked for the tofu stir-fry and she repeated back to me that I was having the lemongrass chicken. That was a wee bit scary. Needless to say, she finally got our orders right and we were served what we ordered.

To finally wrap this review up Stacey and I both enjoyed our meals. The food on all three visits was very good. As for the service it still needs a little work but I’m sure in time it will get better. I would definitely recommend checking them out.

So I officially give Bamboo Chopsticks a solid 3-Record rating.

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