Wishing you a White Christmas

by groove on December 24, 2012

Bing Crosby

We just wanted to do a quick post to wish you all Happy Holidays and what better way to do that than listening to White Christmas. We don’t have a food post today but will shortly. Until then we hope you can sit back, relax and listen to some great vinyl over the holidays.

There are few artists in history who have the ability to span generations of listeners quite like Bing Crosby. His gentle singing voice is immediately recognizable with a singing style that was much more intimate than other vocalists of the time and he would become a very important influence for crooners like Perry Como, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. His most successful recording spent an amazing 11 weeks at number 1 on the charts, most impressive for a holiday single that was released on Oct 31. No other holiday song has had near the level of success as Bing’s recording. White Christmas is the essential Christmas morning tune in our home and we will often listen to it several times while we are waking, making coffee and tea and getting ready to open gifts. Whether it is Bing’s version of the song or Elvis’ or Harry Connick Jr’s, the feeling is the same….peace and happiness and a sense that all is just right at that moment. My record collection has a few Bing Crosby albums and several 78’s and I can honestly say that Bing will always have a spot on my record shelves.

Here is some history about Bing Crosby’s album (from Wiki):
Merry Christmas is an album of phonograph records by Bing Crosby, released in 1945 on Decca Records, catalogue A-403. It has remained in print through the vinyl and compact disc eras, currently as the disc White Christmas on MCA Records, a part of the Universal Music Group, reissued in June 1995. It includes Crosby’s signature song “White Christmas”, the best-selling single ever, with sales of over 50 million copies worldwide. The album itself has sold over 15 million copies, and is the second best-selling Christmas album of all-time behind Elvis Presley’s 1957 holiday album Elvis’ Christmas Album, which has sold more than 19 million copies worldwide.

The original album consisted of ten songs on five 78 records, all of which had been previously released. Each one had a holiday theme with the exception of “Danny Boy,” paired with “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” on its original record. Prior to the long-playing album era, such assemblies were not common for popular music, Merry Christmas instigated by the enormous popularity of the “White Christmas” record. Decca issued a second edition in this format in 1947, catalogue Decca A-550, consisting of four 78s, omitting recordings of “Danny Boy” and “Let’s Start the New Year Right” from the previous release, and including new recordings of “White Christmas” and “Silent Night” from March 19, 1947. This recording of “White Christmas,” heard on every subsequent pressing, is actually a re-recording of the song as, in an unprecedented occurrence, the 1942 master had actually worn out and was no longer usable. Decca and Crosby undertook the remake with the same orchestra and chorus, in an attempt to re-create the original May 1942 recording as closely as possible.

The 1955 vinyl LP configuration is the one extant to date, consisting of the entirety of Decca A-550 plus four additional tracks. The Andrews Sisters, often Crosby’s recording partners in the 1940s, are featured on the tracks “Jingle Bells,” “Mele Kalikimaka,” and “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.” It has been continually in-print longer than any other album in the history of the United States, after the original cast recording to Oklahoma!, also from Decca Records, released in 1943.

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