Shake’n it up with the Cars

by groove on December 16, 2012

CarsThe Cars epitomized the sound of the 80’s, power pop at it’s finest and one of the most recognizable lead singers in music. Ric Ocasek had just enough strength in his vocals to give the band a rock sound, yet they still fit well in the New Wave sound that swept the 80’s.

Their first 4 years were laden with hit after hit, all with a similar beat and sound….Shake It Up, My Best Friend’s Girl, Just What I Needed, Let’s Go….that were staples of mainstream radio airplay. When MTV exploded, the band embraced the video era with videos from their album, Heartbreak City.

Later in the 80’s, the band broke-up and the era of The Cars ended. Solo careers floundered through the 90’s and a revival of sorts occurred with The New Cars (members of The Cars and Todd Rundgren), until most recently a surprisingly strong release last year with most of the original members titled Move Like This. One of my favourite bands of the 80’s and today, I never get tired of hearing Just What I Needed on classic rock stations.

Shake It Up Smoothie

What mixes well with a rockin’ Car’s tune? I’m thinking smoothie, shake or whatever name you choose to call it. Of course I’m thinking one of my favourite Car’s songs Shake it up.

Most mornings the three of us start our day with a shake consisting of bananas, frozen berries, hemp or flax seeds, almond butter, greens and a protein powder. The powder we usually use is Vega One. Sometimes I’ll add a Pumpkin Seed protein.

Here’s my recipe for a shake that will keep you satisfied until lunch time:

Smoothie ingredients

Shake It Up Smoothie

Inspired by the Cars great song. This smoothie will keep you rockin’ all morning.


½  banana *

½  cup frozen mixed berries

1 tablespoon ground flax seeds

1 tablespoon almond butter (I used a raw almond butter) *

1 scoop your favourite green powder *

1 scoop Vega One protein powder (or your favourite powder)

1 cup spring or filtered water *


Blend all ingredients and enjoy!


  • I usually give the other half of the banana to our two dogs – they love it.
  • I choose to add the almond butter with the water to reduce the amount of sugar I would normally get with almond milk. Yes, I know you can buy a sugar free almond milk but the guys don’t like it. Also, I love the richness that the butter provides.
  • It’s not necessary to add greens to this smoothie. Vega actually has greens in it but I like to up the nutrition even more by adding more greens. In the picture you’ll notice there are two green products. I rotate which one I use. They are both excellent. Also, I should quickly mention what’s in greens. Here’s just a few of the ingredients, spirulina, carrot, apple peel, alfalfa, chlorella, broccoli, and dulse.
  • We are so lucky to a have a spring near by our home that provides us with a wonderfully mineral rich water. On our next visit to the spring I’ll document our visit.

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