The Divine Sarah Vaughan and a little wine too

by groove on December 13, 2012

Sarah Vaughn

“With a voice as rich as chocolate cream and twice as smooth comes The Divine Sarah in a collection of some her most distinctive offerings.”  This is the opening statement on the back cover of this smooth and silky vinyl gem. The title of the album suggests she performed this set of 12 numbers in the late night hours in an intimate and smoky jazz club. This is not a record to listen to during the morning or afternoon, these songs are best enjoyed with a glass of Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon or while sipping 12-year old scotch.

The album cover is a classic, showing a contrast of very little emotion on her face, but a deepness of soul at the same time. Sarah Vaughan was considered a jazz singer, however she didn’t feel the title suited her style as she has been quoted “I don’t know why people call me a jazz singer, though I guess people associate me with jazz because I was raised in it, from way back. I’m not putting jazz down, but I’m not a jazz singer Betty Bebop (Carter) is a jazz singer, because that’s all she does. I’ve even been called a blues singer. I’ve recorded all kinds of music, but (to them) I’m either a jazz singer or a blues singer. I can’t sing a blues – just a right-out blues – but I can put the blues in whatever I sing. I might sing ‘Send in the Clowns’ and I might stick a little bluesy part in it, or any song. What I want to do, music-wise, is all kinds of music that I like, and I like all kinds of music.”

Apothic Red

Considering Stacey’s choice of music tonight I thought instead of a food/music match up I will choose a music/wine combo. Recently we discovered this California wine at our local liquor store and not only fell in love with the label but the smooth warm taste as well.

Since I can’t say this any better than their website here’s a mouthwatering description:

Apothic Red

The brambly spice of Zinfandel, dark fruit flavors of Syrah, the bold notes of Cabernet Sauvignon and the smooth elegance of Merlot unite to create this captivating red blend.

Apothic Red reveals intense fruit aromas and flavors of rhubarb and black cherry, complemented by hints of mocha, chocolate, brown spice and vanilla. The plush, velvety mouthfeel and the smooth finish round out this intriguing, full-bodied red blend. Sounds pretty good, eh?

The price range for Apothic Red varies between $15.99 to just over $21.00. It does go on sale often so the next time you’re browsing the wine section of your local liquor store wonder over to California and try a bottle for yourself.


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