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by groove on November 12, 2012

Blue Christmas

Our house is always filled with music, typically playing from either Sam’s turntable upstairs or Stacey’s turntable downstairs. Sometimes, both are playing at the same time; a Pink Floyd/Rush mash-up of Wish You Were Here and Tom Sawyer creates a very interesting beat.

At Christmas, we like to play the familiar soundtrack for the season and includes some newer selections such as Sarah McLachlan and Harry Connick Jr. The one record that has always been played, and will always be played, every Christmas morning is the best-selling holiday record in history…Elvis’ Christmas Album. Opening with Blue Christmas, the album contains 10 songs that are played annually in shopping malls, coffee shops and restaurants around the world. The most successful selling Christmas album of all-time with over 13,000,000 units shipped in the US alone (according to RIAA stats), it has been an important staple of our Christmas soundtrack for all of our years together.
Here is some interesting information about the album, from Wikipedia: Original 1957 copies of Elvis’ Christmas Album (LOC-1035) were issued with a red booklet-like album cover (as shown above) featuring promotional photos from Elvis’ third movie “Jailhouse Rock”. Even rarer than the cover and record itself is a gold foil price tag-shaped “gift giving” sticker attached to the shrink wrap, reading “TO __________, FROM _____________, ELVIS SINGS”, followed by a list of the tracks. Original copies with the gold sticker intact on the shrink wrap have proven to be among the most valuable of Elvis’ albums. Adding to its already high value are limited red vinyl albums and album covers with gold print down the spine.
Record labels for all original 1957 pressings are black with all-silver print, the famous “His Master’s Voice” dog logo at the top of label, and “LONG 33⅓ PLAY” at the bottom.

Sticking with the music theme of Elvis’ Blue Christmas let me talk about food. Now when it comes to food and Christmas for us plant-based eaters there is no reason to be blue. I know this time of year can be difficult for those who choose to not ingest meat. I’ve been dealing with this for quite a few years and really it’s never been a problem. For example, for Stacey’s first staff Christmas party, yes I said first, it’s been a busy month so far. The planners of the event chose to have the get-together at the Cove, which is a great resort down by the water in West Kelowna. The food was laid out as a buffet and was filled with potatoes, veggies and I believe a few meat options. Now here comes the good part. The event planners knowing that a few of us wouldn’t be eating the meat had the Cove create a special plate just for us. Not only did I feel really special, no waiting for our table to be called and standing in a long line to get my food but they delivered it right to me at the table. I apologize for the crappy picture and let me tell you this was delicious.

I have another example of how this time of year doesn’t have to be blue for us plant-based folks. I work part-time at a health food store and we had our Christmas party last night at Nineteen. It’s located at the Two-Eagles Golf Course and we would be served a plated meal. Again, with some advance notice to the staff, I and a few others were served a fantastic meal. As you can see from the pictures they did a great job.


Main Course

Coming back to my initial point that if you do have special dietary issues, whether they be that you follow a gluten-free diet or you’re like me and choose to eat only plant-based food, with a bit of advanced notice to the restaurant or the event planners you’ll end up having a great meal.

Here’s Stacey and I beaming after a great night!

Stacey & Daneen

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Karin December 11, 2012 at 2:47 am

A wonderful site!! You guys really work well together, and there’s nothing better than good food and good music!! (or is that good music and good food??) Cheers to you!


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